The idea of ONWEEKENDS was born in 2018 and after years of searching and developing the perfect pieces, the online shop finally launched in 2020.

ONWEEKENDS is all about Model Off Duty styles you can perfectly wear in your everyday life and style in many different ways from casual to chic. No matter, if you are wearing them at home on the sofa, on the go in the city, or for dinner in a trending restaurant at night – with ONWEEKENDS you have the perfect base for every look.


Look around you and you will find them everywhere: the cool off-duty styles from models and street style stars. And guess what? You don’t have to be a model or street style star to look like one. All you need are cool basics as well as some eye-catching accessories.

Mastering the Model Off Duty Look:

  • no make-up needed
  • you can never go wrong with oversized fits
  • cool sneakers are a must
  • finalize every outfit with eye-catching accessories and jewellery pieces

We from ONWEEKENDS want to provide you the base for all your Model Off Duty looks. Making it easy to recreate the outfits from models and street style stars and help you master them. It’s all about comfort meeting style.


We at ONWEEKENDS care about our planet, that’s why we try to go one step towards more sustainability every day.

That’s why we work with a made-to-order strategy. For ONWEEKENDS this means that we only produce the final product once an order was placed. This strategy allows us to avoid overproduction and to be more flexible when it somces to customization.

ONWEEKENDS – a fashion label founded by blogger Jacqueline @whaelse

Jacqueline Zelwis. Founder of ONWEEKENDS

Hi, I am Jacqueline – blogger, content creator and clothing label founder. I’ve been blogging since 2011 and you can find me on Instagram @whaelse as well as

When I was younger I always wanted to be like my biggest idols and walk the runways of the world as a model. Unfortunately, I was lacking selfconfidence and never fullfiulled this dream of mine.

Instead, I started my fashion blog where I could become creative with outfits and photography. With this, my dreams and goals changed:

> starting my own fashion label.

Europa: the door opening up to many possibilies.

The main reason why I wanted to start my own fashion label was, that I never ever found what I was looking for when it comes to fashion. It’s nothing that started with my career as a blogger. My mom had a really tough time going clothing shopping with me – ask her.
I either can’t find what I am looking for or it’s too small or to short for me as it’s not made for tall people.
In January 2020 my own fashion label wasn’t only an idea anymore. ONWEEKENDS was born and we started producing our first clothing pieces.

Being born in Europe and loving all the possibilities it offers, I decided to stay true to my origins and produce in Europe – for Europe. Having worked in the fashion industry for almost ten years already helped us finding the right partners for production and fullfilment.

And we are constantly working on developing ONWEEKENDS to take it to the next level, providing the perfect model off duty style pieces for you.

More about the label ONWEEKENDS including behind the scenes you can find on Instagram @whaelse or @onweekendsshop

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We only produce the final product once an order was placed.
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